My Story


Janette is a very well-known psychic medium in South Africa, who has been performing private readings for people and teaching classes for over 30 years.

Please note:  Janette is still doing Readings and Crossing Overs.  The only shift is that the appointments are over the phone.  Please whatsapp her on 082 446 2508 for an appointment.

Appearing before audiences doing crossing overs, she was also featured on the investigative journalism show “Carte Blanche” in South Africa where she was asked to investigate and connect with spirits at the Constitutional Hill prisons in Johannesburg.

Born in Scotland, Janette discovered her psychic ability at a young age in a family where other member also had the same gift. It was not until her adult life after she had moved to South Africa and sold a business that she decided to devote her time fully to her psychic abilities and helping others.

She has travelled and worked all over South Africa, the United Kingdom, Europe and the Middle East. She reads for people across all spectrums of life and has advised on personal and business matters to the different age groups that make up her customer based.

Regarded in the psychic community as one of the bets mediums and tarot card readers in South Africa she is passionate about learning more skills and keeping herself connected. She teaches a variety of courses, is involved in several charities, is passionate about animals and is known for her Celtic charm and wonderful sense of humour.


Janette Mckenzie